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Il Palù e il fiume Livenza

A large swamp

The Palu was until 1837 a large swamp produced by the spring waters of the river Livenza. From this date began the reclamation of the area that has continued to this day and have transformed the original marshy environment , while preserving the characteristics of the wetland.

The area is situated on a large natural depression closed between the limestone hills of Mount Cansiglio and the low hills that separate it from the floodplain.

Sito palafitticolo Palù di Livenza percorso fiume

The Livenza river originates from three sources fed by water that seeps through the mountains above : Santissima, Molinetto or Livenzetta , and Gorgazzo . The first two, which characterize the landscape of Palu, are perennial, while the third, placed outside the basin is semi-permanent.
The amount and level of the waters that flow from these sources are significantly affected by the rains and this, in times of great lack of water, can leave completely dry the river Gorgazzo or can flood large areas of the basin in the case of long periods of rain.
The river Livenza comes from Palu through a passage in the north-east between Colle Longone and Colle del Conte.

From the area south of the ancient center of Polcenigo the river flows in the Venetian plain, continuing its course to the sea where it flows not far from Caorle. The constant flow rate and the high water level of Livenza distinguish it from other rivers and this has favored since ancient times its good navigability, providing an important waterway of communication between the coast and inland areas.


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